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Internet Services

As always, Graphic Mac is here to provide just as much support as you need. We can design individual graphics to supplement your web site, create a page template for you to use, or design, host and maintain your site at reasonable rates.

Web Graphics - Need individual graphics or a web site template? We can create one web graphic or an entire site. We can provide button sets, rollover images and the html code for rollovers, image maps, and other special effects.

Titles and Button Sets

KD Cop

Gifts & Paper

Easter Service

Rollover images

Got Big Bargains


Maps with Image Map Links
Art That Sells
City Map
Sales graphics and website templates for web designers.
Art That Sells!
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Web Site Design and Maintenance - We can take care of your web site from start to finish. We can register your domain, design your website, host the site, and maintain it as needed.


Just getting started on a web site? Download this worksheet for a short questionaire that will help you focus on what you want your web site to do and how you want it to look.


Need a site for your church, team, wedding or family reunion? See this page for suggestions on how a web site can help organize your information and make it available for others in your group.

The cost of having a site designed and hosted will depend on how many graphics are used, how many pages are included, and any special items like forms, scripting, or shopping carts. Contact us for a quote on a custom site, or see below for our special package deals.

Domain Name Registration -
Your domain is registered in your name, and most extensions are $10.00 per year
Web Site Hosting -

A one-time server setup fee will be required.
Your monthly hosting costs will be determined by the size and bandwidth requirements of your site.

Shopping Carts -
A shopping cart can be created for your site, depending on your needs. There are existing shopping cart solutions, or custom programming is available.
Site Maintenance -

Choose the maintenance option that best suits your needs:
- We provide hosting only and you maintain your own site via ftp
- We provide updates and maintenance on request and charge by the hour
- Monthly flat fee that covers both hosting and maintenance


#1 - Home of the $1.99 domain name

Portfolio of Sites - Samples of web site design, past and present.

Online Tools - A page full of links to useful tools. . . download the Acrobat Reader, use color tables to select web-safe colors, find information on hoaxes, copyright law, jargon dictionaries and much more!

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